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What is the meaning of success?

What is the meaning of success? A friend of mine recently stated that success just means living a happy life – not necessarily accomplishing great things. This resonated with me, but I have been drawn to explore the meaning of success more deeply for myself. What is success to me? (Which may be different to others).

I realised that for me success does not mean that I have climbed to the top of the mountain to look down on those still struggling to reach the top. To me success means us all reaching the top together. We see so much division and stress, and competition and attack in our world, but what if we could all be successful?

In the manifesting communities there is this idea that competition is born from an energy of lack. Meaning that there is only so much to go around and so we must fight for our share. They would propose that there is more than enough and having an energy of abundance can help us all work together for the benefit of all. No competition, but rather cooperation.

As anyone who has worked with me will know, I come from a place of ‘follow your bliss’. Of recognising your own unique flavour, blend and skills that make us who we are – and embracing those. When we all embrace our individual talents and magic, we bring something unique that no one else can offer – even if they tried to replicate it – which we all know happens often enough.

The first step in following our bliss is being willing to explore and find our particular talents, and to clear the blocks to us embodying these into our life. The second is to realise nobody can take those from us, and it is safe for us to turn up and show these to the world. The third stage is to let go of fear of lack and the competition mindset. So much energy and time is spent in combative or competitive energy, when if we turn up with our own brand of magic and focus on this – the space is then open for others to turn up with their own brand of magic and to focus on that. We each then can become a puzzle piece in a beautiful jigsaw called success.

By doing our part to fill our piece of the puzzle and picture for our lives, we make room for others to do the same. We ultimately end up helping everyone to find their place in the puzzle and to fulfil their magic.

That to me is success. When everyone is successful, happy, and joyful in their place. Whether it is a business offering similar services, or a dream job, or relationship. Whatever it is we are working towards, helping others find their way assists us to all find success.

To put it another way. Can we define success as a win-win scenario – where everybody wins? Where everybody gets to find their place, partner, job, thriving business, or community?

There is a story of Quan Yin, a Buddhist Goddess. The story goes that she reached the gates of enlightenment but before entering she was stopped by the cries of those still struggling to find their way. So instead of going through the gates, Quan Yin chose to return to the bottom of the mountain to assist the others to ascend. This is not to say that we should be martyrs. It should be noted that she did not carry those up the mountain, but rather walked alongside them to support them on their journey. Success to her was that everybody gained enlightenment.

It is this energy that I choose to bring to Zanti Consulting. The energy of success – defined by the growth and success of Zanti being directly related to the success, joy, happiness, and growth of those affected by Zanti. Be it her clients, stakeholders or others working in similar industries.

Success is that we all reach the top of the mountain with the joy and abundance we desire, fulfilling our own personal purpose and mission in life. Success is that we all get to live our best life, full of the joy, experiences, and happiness we desire.

If you would like to find success, I am with you, along side you, walking the walk as we discover this journey to success together.

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