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Book Extracts & Projects

Have a taste of some of the projects Karie is working on at the present moment.

Below you will find some book extracts or other material that is a taster of some of the projects currently underway by Karie and Zanti. 

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SWOI - Fantasy Novel

“You see Frederick, by following your own road, and being true to who you are, you bring something that nobody else can. We are all unique individuals with our special gift to bring, and if we try and fit in with others all we do is lose our way. One person can make a difference just by being themselves and standing out from the crowd, this applies to you Frederick. This is your power. You have something that nobody else has, and that makes you the chosen one for this task. You have been chosen to live your truth and in doing so you will save all of Tarasai.”
... Frederick looked at his hand, shaking in fear. He had escaped his mother, escaped Gildenhoven, to now willingly face an Ogre Tournament to rescue a girl he hardly knew. Why? He wondered, then realised that there are some things worse than being scared, or beaten, or taken away somewhere, and that was letting the fear win, of giving in to it, and letting someone down because of it. Frederick thought of all the courageous people he had read about in story books, he was sure they hadn’t felt scared, so perhaps he was a coward, but if he was, he sure wasn’t going to let it stop him from doing what he needed to do.
‘Grab your things Jiddywonk, we are going to a Tournament! I hope you have a nice bag of Imp tricks we can use when we get there, because I think we will need them!’ ...
"You must find your passion, follow your destiny, believe in your inner truth, for doing so will cause you to shine beyond your wildest imaginings."

Flaming Sword



I have often said that one of my highest values was freedom.  I used to think this stemmed from my divorce some 15+ years ago, but an honest reflection of my life would suggest it has always been the case. 


It is a core part of my being to embrace a sense of freedom.  The irony of this is that throughout my life it has been the one most illusive thing for me to bring into reality. 


Freedom has many meanings and connotations.  Some would suggest that it does not exist at all, but that it is an illusion.  Some may say it is chaos.  I will let you decide what freedom means for you, but in this book I will explore freedom in the context of liberation.  Liberation from the heaviness, patterns, programs, and systems that would keep us from being our truest, most authentic and highest version of ourselves possible. 


In short – freedom and liberation as described in this book is the ability to live in alignment with our highest values, potential and authentic nature possible.  To fullfil our highest purpose without obstruction.   It is not the freedom to do whatever we want, when we want, particularly if it is a cause of harm to others.  It is not the absence of discipline or conduct, but rather applying discipline and conduct to the things that serve our highest potential.  Applying it to those things that would raise our joy and vibration to previously un experienced heights.  Not false joy from the moment, but the deep abiding joy that comes from just being and existing with ourself and our environment is a state of bliss – without action, meditation, substance or stimulation.  It is a profound, deep inner sense of joy.  Liberation is the release from the weight and heaviness that would keep us from the freedom of experiencing this sense of peace and joy.

Liberation was what was required for this book to be birthed into the world, along with the many others likely to follow it.

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