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Business Mentoring

Whether you are a new start up business, or an established business it is never to late to look at your values, goals, and the foundational structure of your business.

At Zanti we can help you unpack your business archetype, your values, and develop a strategic plan that supports you in the next phase of your business.

We can assist you in looking at systems and processes, policies and procedures, and structures that help you have a solid foundation in your business ventures.

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Often as small business owners or creators we find ourselves overwhelmed with the business and administrative side of running a business.  We may not have the Human Resource systems, policy and procedures, systems, processes, or structures in place that help us spend more time with our families and less time in our business. 

At Zanti we can help you build the back end of your business, the systems, structures, policies and procedures that makes life easier, and that we often do not have the time or headspace to think about when we are flat out building and working in our business.

We have experience in building and growing small business and developing the systems that can support you along the way.  To learn more please book an intro call through the booking system.

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