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Zanti Motto

At Zanti we have a motto "Live the life you choose!"  You may be wondering what that means, and how it applies to you.  Below is an explanation of what this motto means for Zanti.

Zanti = Peacefullness of mind in Sanskrit.

Live The Life You Choose!

At Zanti we have a motto that underpins what we do and how we help people, so the question you might be asking is - What does it mean to “Live the life you choose?”.  

Sometimes we might find ourselves wondering – how did we get here?  How is it that we are dealing with the difficulties we are experiencing and how can we change our experience?

Living the life we choose is about empowering our clients to choose the life they want.  Now we know and acknowledge that sometimes we are faced with some very intense and difficult struggles – and through no part of our own.  This is not about victim or trauma shaming – quite the opposite. It is about looking at our life and working out what has value for us.  What has meaning?  Is it important to us that we are treated with respect and honesty?  Or are we willing to allow others to continue to disrespect us?  Is freedom and autonomy important to us?  Is it important to us that we have a job that brings us not just the financial support, but the passion and joy we are seeking? 

Live the life you choose means getting honest and real about what in our life and experience has meaning for us, what feeds our hearts and soul, and what is perhaps not resonating with us. 

We also acknowledge that we don’t get to choose for those around us.  This is about our individual journey – and as such our focus is on what you have the power to choose and or change – not on changing others around you.

You may notice our motto is not ‘live the life of your dreams’ or live the life you desire’.  This is very deliberate – as sometimes this can lead us to ‘dreams’ of winning the lottery – and it is very hard to have empowerment when we are living in a state of imaginary dreams and desires where something external comes to us.  “Live the life you choose” is much more deliberate than that, because it requires action and commitment and engagement.  It is not something that is done for you, or to you, but it is giving you the steering wheel of your life. 

Sometimes if we are experiencing grief, or loss, or depression or anxiety or trauma we feel disempowered and lost – and by assisting you to work through these experiences we can assist you in again finding the clarity and strength to choose.   

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships where we feel we have no power or strength to choose – again at Zanti our motto “Live the life you choose” is designed to help you gain awareness and understanding so that you may feel empowered to change relationship patterns and find the clarity and joy in life once again.

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